mercredi 14 août 2013

La connectivité du Sports Authority Field (Denver Broncos)

Dans le dernier billet je vous parlais de l'AT&T Park, découvrez aujourd'hui le stade des Denver Broncos. Le projet de rénovation a coûté 30 millions de dollars dont le tiers pour le seul écran de 12 mètres de haut pour 67 mètres de long. Rappelez vous que le connectivité et l'expérience digitale du fan sont au coeur de la stratégie de développement de la NFL (voyez ceci et cela). 

Quotes de Russ Trainor, Vice President of Information Technology du stade

"As we offer more services to the fans, better social – from the fan perspective we’re trying to let them watch more replays on their phones, on the Broncos mobile app and all that – that all gets extended through the Comcast Metro E extensions."
"We’re going to actually expand the wi-fi even further his year. We put more in the parking lots, more in the south stands and also more in the upper bowl. We want to keep increasing that experience for the fans, it’s really all about them."
"On the wi-fi, we partner with Cisco to do this and do we can theoretically put 25,000 concurrent users on there, actually doing data transfer, uploading and downloading (...) Our hope is that in the next one-to-three years we get those other vendors, those other carriers on board and then we’ll start to see those numbers hit 10,000 to 15,000, which it is built for."
"It’s mainly the social media stuff, 'We are here at the game, let me take a picture, let me upload it.' We’re able to provide that service now."
"And we’ll keep looking, you know, it’s all about the fans and getting them linked in, getting them connected, getting them more services, getting them the things they expect at home we want to be able to do that and more at the stadium."

Je crédite Franck Caudrelier qui m'a fait découvrir cet article : 

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