vendredi 6 février 2015

[sérigital] Parks and Recreation (S07E05) "GrizzlBox"

Connaissez-vous Grizzl? Le VP de la boîte explique : "In just a few short years, we here at Gryzzl have invented quite a few new tech products to make your life more chill. It's all very far out!". Il poursuit "Our super rad algorithm searches your texts, calls, banking and medical records and every other digital file pertaining to you to learn what you want."Ainsi, dans un futur proche, Grizzl assurera une livraison par drône d'une box hyper personnalisée contenant des produits que vous appréciez nécessairement puisqu'ils ont été sélectionnés en explorant vos données personnelles (Data Mining). Faut-il s'en inquieter? Comme l'explique le VP :
"that there's nothing scary about Gryzzl. I mean, we just wanna learn everything about everyone and track them wherever they go and anticipate what they're about to do."

- Rosco - Okay, this is Gryzzl Vibe. It's this new app that we're developing that monitors your mood.
Tell them about it.
- Matty - As you know, the cameras on your phones are always on, whether you're using them or not.
- Ben - I'm sorry, they are?
- Matty - This app uses facial recognition software to track your expressions. It's always watching.
- Leslie - Well, what do you do with this information?
- Rosco - Well, if the camera senses that you're in a bad mood, then we can geo-match you to, say, the nearest cup of sweet pick-me-up java. But if you're in a good mood, then we could geo-nudge you to, like, a sweet coffee shop. Just keep the good times rolling.
- Ben - So it's really just a coffee sales app.
- Rosco - Yeah, we're developing with Starbucks.

- Leslie - So, Roscoe, how does Gryzzl know all the things that someone wants? Are you guys...I don't know, whatever--data-mining?
- Rosco -  Oh, hells yeah, dog-man. Our super rad algorithm searches all your texts, calls, banking, medical records, blah, blah, blah, to learn what you really want. You know, from snacks to new books and movies to when you ladies need to score some new 'pons. I mean, we might know you better than you know yourself, Leslie.

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source: NBC
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