mardi 19 juillet 2016

[sérigital] Ballers (S02E01) "Face of the Franchise"

Invité sur un plateau TV, Spencer y retrouve un ancien coéquipier. L'ambiance est tendue.

- Spencer Strasmore - We talk trash to each other, but it's all part of the game.
- Terrell Suggs - Bullshit. Truth be told, I wouldn't even have a problem with you if you didn't post that shit on Twitter back in the day.
- Spencer Strasmore - No, no, that was a complete accident. Twitter was new at that time. I was just getting the hang of it. Plus I got these big-ass thumbs.
- Terrell Suggs - You posted some asinine shit about me being more concerned with my stats than I was winning.
- Spencer Strasmore - That was totally meant to be a private message just between me and you.
- Terrell Suggs - Oh.
- Spencer Strasmore - Just between me and you.
- Terrell Suggs - Oh, okay.
- Spencer Strasmore - But truth is, you do hype your stats a lot all the time.
- Terrell Suggs - You can check the standings, old man. Yeah, we both got rings, but I'm the only one left still chasing number two.
- Spencer Strasmore - That's very clever and under 140 characters.

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