jeudi 17 août 2017

[sérigital] Ballers (S03E04) "Ride and Die"

Dennis - Damn! Tom and Gisele floating on a 300-footer in Saint-Tropez. Man, that's a long-ass way from that raft we used to float on at Jim McMahon's aboveground pool.
Ricky - Where you see that?
Dennis - Where I see everything... 'Gram.
Ricky - You follow Tom Brady?
Dennis - Just so I don't look like a creep following his wife. Plus, he only posts pictures of him practicing and wearing them ugly-ass Uggs.
TTD - Wait, I can't believe they let your old ass on the 'Gram, Dennis.
Dennis - Motherfucker, there's no age limit looking at fine-ass women.
Dennis - Look at Tommy. This is what I'm saying. "Practicing with my boys, Edelman, Gronk, and Amendola."
Ricky - God. And when was that?
Dennis - Yesterday.
Ricky - What? Get the fuck out of here. These motherfuckers practicing without me.
Dennis - Come on, Ricky, they in Boston, man.
Ricky - Well, shit, Edelman lives in LA and Gronk lives here in Miami. Last time I checked, Amendola was in Botswana. Yet, they get the call and I get the proverbial stiff arm?
Dennis - Yeah, yeah, you're right.
Ricky - That's bullshit.
Dennis - You're right, you're right. Fuck Brady. Fuck him. I'ma unfollow his ass any motherfucking way.

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