jeudi 23 janvier 2014

[sérigital] The Big Bang Theory (S04E14) - "Oh, tweets about my lecture"

Mes étudiants pensent que je ne les vois pas quand ils tweetent en cours. Les plus jeunes n'imaginent même pas qu'un enseignant puisse être sur twitter ! Mais j'ai vu l'épisode "The Thespian Catalyst"où Leonard, Howard et Raj suivent un cours de Sheldon en lisant les tweets des auditeurs. Depuis, je n'ai qu'une crainte : découvrir qu'un de mes étudiants me sanctionnerait du hashtag #KMN. 


- Leonard : I found another tweet from a student at Sheldon's lecture. "Dr. Cooper has taken
a relatively boring subject "and managed to make it completely insufferable. Plus, he looks
like a giant insect."
- Howard :  Look. Listen to this one. "Does Einstein's theory explain why time flies "when you're having fun, "but when you're listening to Dr. Cooper, it falls out of the sky, dead?"
- Raj : Ooh, somebody took pictures and uploaded them to their Flickr account.
- Leonard : Wow. How do you get an entire lecture hall to flip you off at the same time?
- Howard : Apparently, if you're Sheldon, all you need to do is turn your back.
- Penny : Hey, Leonard, is your wi-fi down? I can't get on.
- Leonard :  Oh, Sheldon changed the password. It's now "Penny is a freeloader."No spaces.
- Penny : Thanks. What are you guys doing? (...)Oh. How'd he do?
- Howard Well, picture the Hindenburg meets Chernobyl meets Three Mile Island meets Tron 2.
- Penny : That bad, huh?
- Howard : Read this woman's tweet. "Listening to Dr. Cooper has made me want to start cutting myself again""
- Sheldon : Good evening, Leonard, Howard, Raj, freeloader.
- Howard : So, how'd the lecture go?
- Sheldon : In a word, triumphant.
- Leonard : Really? Triumphant?
- Sheldon : Oh, yes, you should have seen those young people. Thirsty for knowledge, drinking in my wisdom. I may have changed a few lives today.
- Penny : Oh, please let me tell him.
- Leonard : I don't know, I kind of promised Howard.
- Sheldon : Tell me what?
- Howard : Actually, we should all share the moment. Raj, if you would.
- Sheldon : Oh, tweets about my lecture. Hmm… That's rather unfair. That's downright cruel. Plus, insects have six legs. Yeah, I'm not familiar with the acronym "KMN""
- Leonard : From the context, we think it means "kill me now."
- Sheldon : Well, I suppose everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I think I'll turn in. I didn't want to teach those poopy heads, anyway.
- Leonard : FYI, I think that's what Darth Vader said just before he started building the Death Star.

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