lundi 18 mai 2015

[sérigital] Louie (S05E06) - Sleepover

Le dernier épisode de Louie (diffusé sur FX) s'ouvre sur un conflit de générations. Louie emmène sa fille ainée au théâtre. On reconnait d'ailleurs sur scène Glenn Close, Matthew Broderick, Michael Cera, et John Lithgow. Lorsque la pièce atteint son acmé, Louie est ébranlé de voir sa fille consulter son smartphone. Suit cette échange fertile qui pose les questions du multitasking, de la génération Z, des intrications entre des pratiques numériques et d'autres qui ne le sont pas. 

Louie - You know what? Give me your phone.
Lilly - What?
Louie - Give me your phone. Let me have it.
Lilly - Why?
Louie - Because enough already.
Lilly - What are you talking about?
Louie - You know, you're lucky to live in this city. You're lucky that you get to see stuff like that. You're lucky to be alive at all.
Lilly - So?
Louie - Well, so, in in the most devastating moment of the play, I look over and you're texting with your friends. It's gross.
Lilly - I wasn't texting.
Louie - It's really gross. I saw you! I saw you texting!
Lilly - No, you saw me reading about the play.
Louie - Well, no, how do you appreciate a thing and google it at the same time? That's no way to live a life. That's an insult to the actors to do that.
Lilly - Because it was a great play and I wanted to know more about it while I was watching it. Do you even know anything about the play?
Louie - Yeah. It's… a 1960s thing with a...
Lilly - Did you know that this play was banned in Russia and in Israel? Did you know that after he wrote it, Shelby thought about killing himself? Did you know that he rewrote the ending 'cause he was afraid that it would cause other depressed people to kill themselves? Don't you wonder what that original ending was?
Louie - But you missed the one th-- When the kid said at thing, you missed it.
Lilly - No, I didn't. He said, "I wish I were dead. That's the truest thing I know." It was really sad, and it was beautiful. I didn't cry like you 'cause I'm not a baby. But just because I can appreciate something on two levels doesn't mean I don't deserve to have my phone. Fine. Take it. I don't care.
Louie - Keep it.

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  1. Je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de le voir mais ce petit extrait m'y motive ;)