dimanche 13 décembre 2015

[sérigital] The Big Bang Theory (S09E10) "The Earworm Reverberation"

crédit photo CBS

Dans The Big Bang Theory Raj et Howard torment le groupe Footprints on the Moon connu pour le titre Thor and Dr. Jones joué en public au magasin de comics. Soucieux d'échanger avec leurs fans, Raj et Howard ont créé une page facebook suivie par un certain Trent. 

Bernadette - Who's Trent?
Howard - Oh, he's our fan.
Bernadette - Fan of what?
Howard - Uh… Did you forget? We're in a band.
Bernadette - You mean because you played one time in the comic book store?
Howard - And at the children's hospital until they asked us to leave.
Raj - dude, Trent just checked in at the coffee shop on Fair Oaks.
Howard - Really? You want to go down there and meet him?
Bernadette - Are you stalking him? That's creepy.
Raj - It's not creepy. I built a Footprints on the Moon fan page, Trent joined it.
Howard - After that, all I did was check out his profile, go back in the archive of his feed until I found his Twitter handle.
Raj - From there, it was easy to find him on Instagram, Snapchat and pretty much track his every movement.
Howard - So if you think that's creepy, you married the wrong guy.

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