samedi 9 avril 2016

[sérigital] The Big Bang Theory (S09E20) "The Big Bear Precipitation"

source : CBS
Le vingtième épisode de la neuvième saison de The Big Bang Theory s'ouvre sur Sheldon se baladant dans une forêt ... grâce à la réalité virtuelle. L'épisode se poursuite par une véritable virée en forêt où la couverture réseau est moindre. 

Sheldon - It's nice to get back to nature. Why don't I do this more often? What a beautiful forest. Hello, little butterfly. What's your Na...
Leonard - Whatcha doing?
Sheldon - I was enjoying some virtual reality, until you ruined it with your actual face.
Penny - What am I smelling?
Sheldon - Oh, it's car air freshener. I was simulating the smell of the forest.
Penny - That's not what the forest smells like.
Sheldon - Well, how would I know?

Sheldon - Well... cell service is down to one bar, so if anyone needs medical attention or to tell a stranger their political views are stupid, now's the time.
Amy - Have you ever been off the grid before?
Sheldon - Once. The battery ran out on my phone. I had to wait for my iPad to turn on.
Leonard - I was afraid he was gonna eat me.

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