lundi 29 mai 2017

[sérigital] Master of None (S02E08) Thanksgiving

- Dev - When's your boo arriving here?
- Denis - She should be here in a few minutes.
- Dev - Wow. Thanksgiving invite. Must be serious.
- Denis - Yeah, man. I really like her.
- Dev - Nice. What's her Instagram name? I want to look her up.
- Denis - Dude, you're literally gonna meet her in a few minutes.
- Dev - I know, but I want to look it up beforehand, get a vibe.
- Denis - I forgot.
- Dev - You forgot? Look it up.
- Denis - NipplesAndToes23.
- Dev - W-what's that?
- Denis - NipplesAndToes23.
- Dev - Denise! You can't be dating some girl with the Instagram name NipplesAndToes23.
- Denis - I know, man. I'm trying to get her to change it.
- Dev - I'm surprised there was 22 other NipplesAndToes. Let's see what we got here. Oh, wow. These are some provocative photos.
- Denis - Okay, don't be looking at my girl, man.
- Dev - Ooh. Really into fitness.
- Denis - She is kind of naked there.
- Dev - Well, maybe I shouldn't just paint her with one brush. She's clearly very political. "I just voted."
- Denis - Man, that wasn't for no damn election. That was for "So You Think You Can Dance."
- Dev - Does she have some sort of intense fabric allergy? 'Cause she is scantily clad in a lot of these photos, Denise.

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